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Land's End

–          Go to business.landsend.com or  Google – Lands’ End Business Outfitters (aka… LEBO)

–          Make yourself an account, if this is your first time ordering, upper right corner:

–          After making your account add logo(s) to your account.

Use logo # 1432359 & account # 6764049 for Tree logo and 1433624 & account 6764049 for Apple logo.

–          Shop the item(s) you want.  As you pick each item you will be asked to add a logo(s) to your item.

–          Follow any website prompts to place your logo onto your item and to make any changes you see fit.

–          Add item to your bag when done.

–          Shop more items following above procedure, when done click on your bag to place order.

–          Finalize your order with shipping and payment data.

–          BEFORE completing order add any promotional codes AND tap APPLY button

–          Tap complete button and wait for you confirmation.

–          For accuracy LEBO will communicate back to you, what you ordered and how you designed it, by email or phone.  This is especially true for first time                      orders.

–          Call the help number 800-696-6796 at any point for assistance!

Please note: each logo you add is a nominal charge, unless you used a promo code which waived the charge*

Hint:  make your account on line early and wait for LEBO to email you a promo code!