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Dinner for Eight Basics:

Groups of 6-8 people gather together for a meal. Groups are formed by the Dinner for Eight Coordinator (Frank Sandomierski). This is not about meeting with one’s current circle of Orchard Ridge friends. This is about connecting those new to Orchard Ridge with those who already call Orchard Ridge home and meeting new people you might not otherwise connect with. The Host for each group typically holds the meal at their home, but it’s not required. The meal, which can be a dinner, lunch, picnic, or brunch, is typically a pot-luck and everyone brings dish to pass.

Are you interested? Simply sign-up with Frank Sandomierski or contact him at frank.sands@bavarian-bmw.com or 586-744-9701. You can sign up as singles or couples. Everyone is welcome! Once groups are formed, lead hosts will be selected for each group. They will contact the members to arrange the details of the first gathering. If you are interested in being the lead host, please indicate when you sign-up.

Dinners will be hosted on Saturday evenings from 6:00-8:00pm
Dinner dates:

Saturday, March 11

Saturday, May 20