Our New (temporary) Home!

Greetings Orchard Ridge Church!

Harvest Fellowship – Romeo (299 East Gates, Romeo, MI 48065)

We trust God and continue to pray for your well-being in body, mind and spirit during these unprecedented and challenging times.  Never forget that ours is a God that always closes our GAPs (God Always Provides).  Our church home since Spring 2012 has been Hevel Elementary (Romeo Community Schools).  This relationship has been tremendous on many levels and we are thankful for the season we shared together.  We will continue to look for ways in the future to support our community partnering with the public schools (Thanksgiving Baskets, Christmas gifts for those in need, etc.).  The current situation that abruptly ended our public / corporate worship services has created many questions relative to the timing and limitations of our re-entry to worshiping together once we are cleared to do so by the State of Michigan.  Our conversations with the leadership of RCS have made it clear that our immediate future at Hevel is “unclear”.  At issue is school sanitation and their responsibility to provide a safe environment for young learners.  Since our need for a bridge facility is less than a year, we have prayerfully been seeking an alternative location to Hevel.  By God’s grace and the Kingdom-minded hearts of Harvest Fellowship-Romeo and their Pastor, Ron Raciti, their church building has been opened to us for our usage!  Although we do not have an official “Sunday return date” yet (the State will determine this for all churches), we can rest easy knowing we have a temporary home!  At that time when we start back, Orchard Ridge Church will worship on Sundays @ 11 AM.  Harvest Fellowship will worship on Sundays @ 9 AM.  SET-UP and TEAR-DOWN DAYS ARE OFFICIALLY OVER!  (In case you were wondering, our final Set-Up was March 6 / final Tear-Down was March 8 – and we did not even realize it at the time!).  In addition, we have storage at Harvest and access to the building for mid-week Prayer Meeting and Bible Study!!  In fact, the State is going to allow groups of 50 before we fully “re-open.”  Therefore, it is probable that we come together physically FIRST in mid-week groups while continuing weekend video services. 

Our building program will break ground VERY soon and we have received some wonderful news from Bob Ayotte, our builder.  Due to coronavirus, many/most corporate building jobs have been canceled due to a lack of funding.  We are FUNDED!  (PLEASE REMAIN FAITHFUL IN YOUR GIVING).  This means subcontractors are looking for work.  Consequently, our labor costs should be lower, supplies will be available, and the timeline of construction accelerated due to workers staying focused on our job!  Harvest Fellowship has opened their church to us indefinitely as we complete the work.

Here’s what we NEED from you, our members:

1) PRAY every brick into place, giving THANKS for God’s provision!

2) Be consistent in your financial giving as God allows you to do so.  Online or mail-in options are available.

3) We are planning a MOVE-OUT HEVEL / MOVE-IN HARVEST day as early as next week!  Are you available???  RSVP Text Pastor Steve @ 586.381.0070

4) Send a card or note of gratitude to the Pastor & People of Harvest Fellowship-Romeo!  Harvest Fellowship – Romeo, C/o Pastor Ron Raciti, 299 East Gates, Romeo, MI 48065

We will let you know our FIRST DATE BACK as soon as we have it!

PS…  We REALLY miss you!  You are LOVED!

Orchard Ridge Church Leadership

Pastor Steve Barkey – 586.381.0070

Pastor Leon Drake – 586.484.1100

Sharon Barkey – 586.381.1198

Jeff Morgan – 586.863.2350

Bob Hoffman – 512.993.1507

Kim Bianchini – 586.764.2434

Chris Hines – 586.322.9830

Laurie Pickell – 586.295.7948

Debbie Claypool – 586.933.3274

Gary Barney – 248.379.8769

Fred Moler – 586.634.8707