Job Description – Youth Pastor

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.         I Timothy 4:12


The Youth Pastor will give pastoral leadership and oversight to all areas and aspects of youth ministry at Orchard Ridge, including Junior High and Senior High ministry and Youth Bible Studies. They will contribute to spiritual growth and numerical growth of the Youth Ministry by being an effective minister within the church through building relationships with youth and their families and creating an ongoing calendar of events and an annual budget.  The Youth Pastor will develop a team of leaders to increase the capacity for ministry.  This position reports directly to the Senior Pastor.


  • Conduct themselves in a manor demonstrating the gifts and graces of pastoral ministry to those in the church and our community.
    • Nurture a personal walk with Christ through prayer and devotional time.
    • Show love and care for their spouse and children (if applicable).
    • Build relationships of trust with Students, Parents and Pastors.
    • Be a Pastor to the Parents and Teens of the ministry, including calling on new visitors and students absent, in the hospital or hurting.
    • Attend retreats and conferences as scheduled by the Senior Pastor.
  • Create and communicate a God inspired vision for ORCN’s Youth Ministry and its goals and purposes. 
    • Determine what a “graduate” of the ministry ‘looks like’ (character, values, goals, attitudes, purity, Bible knowledge, Scripture memorization, growth in faith and active in church after graduation).
    • Working with volunteers, parents, and laity, develop a ministry plan to produce “graduates” of the ministry.
    • Prepare and coordinate an annual youth calendar. A seasonal calendar (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) must be produced well in advance (2-4 months) to provide effective planning and execution.  The calendar should reflect the five purposes of the New Testament church: Evangelism, Worship, Discipleship, Ministry & Fellowship. Produce and distribute a hard copy calendar, update youth & church websites and ORCN all church announcements with same information. 
    • Develop and submit an annual budget for ORCN Youth Ministry working with the ORCN Finance Team.
    • Create opportunities for students to raise funds for their activities and ministry trips.
    • Demonstrate effective stewardship of the budget, funds, and property entrusted to the Youth Ministry.
  • Develop and expand leadership for ORCN’s Youth Mistry
    • Recruit & develop a staff of volunteer ministry “servants” who will allow the ministry’s scope to enlarge and flourish.
    • Ensure all Youth workers and volunteers clear a criminal background check before they begin working with our teens.
    • Establish an NYI Council or equivalent and meet with that council no fewer than four times annually.
    • Where possible, youth volunteer staff should also be provided growth opportunities.
  • Recognize the Youth Ministry is part of the larger church ministry.
    • Work in harmony with our entire Pastoral Staff to develop Family Inclusive and Family Friendly Ministry and attend staff meetings.  
    • Communicate effectively to the Senior Pastor, ORCN Leadership Team NYI President & Council and above all the Parents (via parent meetings and print) regarding Youth Ministry events and functions. 
    • Assist the Senior Pastor in any other activity or ministry that may be assigned.
    • Where appropriate expose our Youth to the larger church and its institutions. (i.e., Olivet Nazarene University, Eastern Michigan District Youth events.)
    • Attend appropriate conferences and seminars to keep current and ‘in tune’ with Youth Ministry as culture shifts and changes.  (Leadership Summit, Youth Specialties, Willow Creek, etc.). 
    • Provide an annual Report (1 page) to the church at our annual business meeting in February.  This should be a “State of the Youth Ministry at ORCN” address.
  • Understand that ultimately this position is an extension of the Senior Pastor’s ministry at the church.  The goals and purposes of this ministry must be compatible with the goals and purposes of the entire church which operates under the mission: “Where the Lost are Found, the Found are Discipled, and Disciples Serve.


  • Profess and model wholehearted commitment to Jesus Christ and His church.
  • Three or more years leading a Youth Ministry, demonstrating growth and engagement by the youth of that congregation.
  • Sound grasp of the Scriptures and be able to effectively communicate eternal truths found therein to the Youth of today in a manner that they can grasp and understand.
  • Must live in harmony with the rules of the Church of the Nazarene [as provided for in the Manual].
  • Ordained, or pursuing ordination in the Church of the Nazarene.
  • Ideal candidate will be married or engaged to be married.

Other Expectations for a successful Youth Pastor at Orchard Ridge

  • Plan Youth functions that demonstrate the ability to cast a vision, develop a team of workers, attend to details in planning, execute the plan, clean-up/closure, assessment of the event for the next time.
  • Establish guidelines of conduct for the youth ministry that are very clear to the teens and parents.  Consequences must also be communicated.  These guidelines include but are not limited to the role of boyfriends with girlfriends, conduct while in the community or traveling abroad.  It must always be understood that we represent Christ and His Church.
  • Provide teens a minimum of two Retreats a calendar year and a summer extended ministry trip.
  • Keep up-to-date and accurate attendance records for teen ministry.
  • Our Youth will grow spiritually.  Evidenced by testimonies of salvation, Christian Baptism, growth in Christian maturity, and participation in the life of the church.
  • Our Youth Ministry will grow numerically as a result of a healthy Youth ministry. At a minimum, the Youth ministry growth should keep pace with the growth of the church.  Ten percent is a minimum benchmark (i.e., if ORCN average attendance is 261, teens should not be less than 26 in number).  The hope, however, is that the teens will out- pace and lead the church in growth.  We expect that there will be families who choose Orchard Ridge as their church home because of our Youth Ministry.
  • Attend all major “all-church” gatherings.
    • Sunday Worship Service, Baptism Services, Outreach events, participate in and/or lead a Bible Study.
    • Dress in a manner of modesty.  “Business Casual” is appropriate for Sunday AM worship.
  • Have full support of spouse, ideally participating actively in the Youth Ministry.
  • Observe the “sabbath day’s rest” while being available for emergencies that arise in ministry. Take the full-allotted vacation time annually.
  • Practice “storehouse” tithing by supporting the local church.
  • Not pursue additional employment outside of the church unless approved by the Senior Pastor and Church Board.  We believe that Youth Ministry done right is a full-time job and as such, expect the Youth Pastor to be active in ministry as needed.