Gathering Tables

Orchard Ridge Church Family,

This past year ALL congregations in the American church have found themselves somewhat “scattered” as a result of the COVID-19 lock downs, gathering restrictions and fears associated with exposure to this virus.  Additionally, the temporary “Saturday morning only” worship option at Orchard Ridge has made it even more challenging for some to physically attend due to schedule conflicts.  The Barna Reseach Group reports that as many as 1 in 5 churches (20%) in the U.S. could permanently close their doors before “normal” returns to our society.  This will NOT be us!  But we must be intentional about staying connected with one another – whether you are physically attending a weekend service or watching from home.  The challenge is greater for our brothers and sisters who are watching remotely because, if we are honest, drifting is real and it happens.  We are all creatures of habit and once we are “out of the habit” of attending it can be difficult to re-engage. 

Your Pastor and Church Leaders recognize these realities and are prayerfully seeking ways to maintain these vital connections in the Body of Christ here at Orchard Ridge.  Nothing is static.  The church is dynamic and has been reaching NEW people in the midst of this pandemic.  Some of you that we haven’t seen since March will be surprised at the new faces that have joined our church SINCE March.  In spite of the enormous challenges we are growing!

So, what’s the plan for staying CONNECTED in a disconnected world? 

Here at Orchard Ridge, we want you to know: THERE’S A PLACE AT THE TABLE FOR YOU!!!  We desire to set up groups of 12 (Jesus liked that number), that will, at minimum, meet via ZOOM for 30 minutes twice per month.  Each “HARVEST TABLE GROUP” will have a host/lead couple to shepherd the group and coordinate the meeting times.  The “ASK” of you is not great but so essential!  The purpose or agenda of these 30 minute ZOOMS will be to check-in (i.e. How’s everybody doing? What’s going on in your world?), do a brief devotional / scripture reading that we will provide to group leaders and then close with a prayer.  Simple.  Safe.  We hope to have the HARVEST TABLE GROUPS set-up and operational by January 2021.

What do we need from you?  Your AVAILABILITY and willingness to participate for 1 hour per month (30 minutes per session).   

You’ll be receiving a call about these HARVEST TABLE GROUPS, but it would help us tremendously to save time on calls if you would reach out preemptively to CHRIS HINES (Leadership Team – Discipleship/Groups Leader), to let him know: 

* Yes, I am interested in participating.

* No, I am not interested in participating.

* Yes, I am interested in participating AND open to becoming a Group Leader Couple?  (we will train you on HOW to set up and run a ZOOM meeting). 

* If you are interested in participating, what is your preferred meeting time(s)?  

CHRIS HINES: e-mail is TEXT or Call: (586) 322-9830

It’s that simple.  We love you and want to care for the Flock but recognize the limitations on a Pastor & his Associate Pastor to fully accomplish this care giving need.  We DON’T WANT ANYONE FALLING THROUGH THE CRACKS during this challenging season!  There’s a seat at the table for you.  We HOPE you’ll take your seat and join us..